J-Hela Accounts


Individual Account

This is an ordinary account that has no group activity. All transactions needs no signatory.

Lipa na JHela Account

Any activity in this account needs a maker and one signatory. It fits very well in individially owned businesses

Group Account

Any activity in this account needs a maker and 3 signatories. It is fit for chamas and other organised groups.

 NB: Once you open an account, you cannot interchange it later!


All the 3 J-Hela Accounts have three types of sub-accounts namely:-

» J-Hela account ( current account)

» J-Hela savings account

» J-Hela fix account


J-Hela Account - This is also known as current account.

J-Hela savings Account – This is an account that determines your loan limit.

J-Hela fix Account - This is an account that a client can save money for a specific period. This money gains interest.


About J-Hela

J-Hela is a mobile banking platform that enables its members to save money, transfer funds, borrow loans, buy products and guarantee a member with the aim of economic empowerment.

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