J-Hela Loans

 As a JHela member start saving in your JHela savings account today and be entitled the following loans.


Secured Loans


J-Hela has 3 types of secured loans.

   i. Sacco Loan (J-Hela biz Loan) 

                            - This is a loan that is given three times your savings.    

                     - Guarantors are needed.

  ii. GFL Loan (J-Hela biz Plus Loan)

                            - This is a loan that is given 10 times your CRB ratings.    

                     - Guarantors are needed.

 iii. J-Hela Chapchap

                            - This is a loan that is given as per the client’s savings i.e. against your savings.

                     - No guarantors are needed.


Unsecured Loans


   i. J-Hela Advance Loan) 

                       -This is a loan that is given based onn ones CRB rating.
                       - Maximum loan is Kshs 20,000.
                       - Maximum repayment period is 1 month


Guarantors Qualifications


» Must be a J-Hela member.
» Must have a net worth that amounts to what he/she want to guarantee.

About J-Hela

J-Hela is a mobile banking platform that enables its members to save money, transfer funds, borrow loans, buy products and guarantee a member with the aim of economic empowerment.

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