About Jhela


A mobile banking Platform that have 5 aims.
- Creation of jobs
- Loan facilitation at a low interest rate
- Easy mobile money transfer
- Creation of spirit of unity ie. In group activities.
- Encourage savings


- Low interest cost (rates)
- Easy to access loans
- Low money transfer rates compared to other mobile money transfers platforms
- Easy to save at your own comfort
- Free registration

About J-Hela

J-Hela is a mobile Sacco platform that enables its members to save money, transfer funds, borrow loans, buy products and guarantee a member with the aim of economic empowerment.

Download J-Hela


Download JHela App from the Playstore, register and invite friends.

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Help & Support

home Light Industries, Makongeni,

Thika, Kenya. 

email icon P.O.Box 2068-00100,

tel  +254 020 514 2800

color icons blue email info@jhela.co.ke