J-Hela Loans

 As a J-Hela member start saving in your personal or cluster savings account today and qualify for an easy loan.


Types of Loans



This is the loan given to groups to carry out a common project or buy a common asset eg. a piece of land, farm machinery, etc

Individual loan within a cluster:

This is a loan given to an individual in a group.

Personal loan:

This is an individual loan given to a person who may not be a member of a group/cluster


NB: In case of a personal loan the loan applicant can receive three times of their savings as long as they find guarantor-ship for 2/3rd of the loan applied. The applicant and guarantors must agree on the commission rate.

About J-Hela

J-Hela is a mobile Sacco platform that enables its members to save money, transfer funds, borrow loans, buy products and guarantee a member with the aim of economic empowerment.

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