Cluster Savings

How to save money in your cluster

Option 1: Saving using standing order (STO)saveJhela

1. On the JHELA APP homepage click the three lines at the top left
2. Click on standing order
3. At the top of the page, click +Add order
4. Enter the standing order amount
5. At the beneficiary box, enter 10100 (JHELA SACCO ACCOUNT NUMBER)
6. The box will split into two, put your cluster account number/your phone number beginning with 254 (e.g. 123456/254712345678)
7. At the occurrence box set either daily, weekly or monthly standing order
8. Put duration of the standing order and the dates will adjust automatically
9. Click on save order

NOTE: To encourage proper and convenient savings in the groups, the STOs should be set for daily or weekly contributions

Option 2: Saving directly without using STO.

1. Deposit money in your Jhela SACCO account by clicking on the green button on the JHela app home page.
2. At your Jhela SACCO home page, click the button written ‘Deposit to Cluster Account’.
3. Select your cluster and enter the amount to deposit to the cluster
4. Click the green button written deposit.

About J-Hela

J-Hela is a mobile Sacco platform that enables its members to save money, transfer funds, borrow loans, buy products and guarantee a member with the aim of economic empowerment.

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